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Brilliant Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons, GF, Sugarfree option

I love the sweet chewiness of a coconut macaroon but the sugar content in the commercial products was always too much for my tastes. Until I made these...They are divine and healthy! And guess what? they are super easy to make gluten free!

GF Skinny Protein Drink Breakfast

Happy Monday!! We drink protein drinks almost every morning, it's just so much easier and healthier than cooking something or eating cereal.  You can put lots of different healthy fruits and vegetables in the blender or your juicer and you will be thrilled with the results!  Much cheaper than buying Naked or other similar brands and just as good!

In the blender-

I add in this order

2 cups crushed ice
2 scoops GF protein powder- I love Body Fortress
6 packets or to taste of Stevia or Splenda or agave
1 tsp pure GF vanilla-optional but I think it really makes it taste great
1Tbl Chia or flaxseed meal (fiber and antioxidants!)
1/2 cup plain unsweetened GF yogurt
2 cups Fruit or vegies, diced.  I use any combination of apples, oranges, pineapple, berries, bananas, papaya, mango or throw in some veggies- carrots, celery, fresh spinach (you can't taste it) cucumbers, ginger, just about anything in the fridge is great
2-3 cups as needed of unsweetened almond milk or regular 1% milk or juice
Only fill to 3/4 of your capacity so there is room to expand!

Blend till smooth! 

This one is my Pina Colada.  I added an orange and some sliced pineapple.  It was scrumptious!!

I will post my green one for you soon.  Have a great day!