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Brilliant Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons, GF, Sugarfree option

I love the sweet chewiness of a coconut macaroon but the sugar content in the commercial products was always too much for my tastes. Until I made these...They are divine and healthy! And guess what? they are super easy to make gluten free!

Easy & Economical Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine

Easy and Economical Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine
My most economical gluten free bread in the bread machine!
Once you try this recipe you won't believe how easy and economical it is to make your own Gluten Free Bread!!

It's so easy and pretty fool proof!

Look at the holey crumb!
Ok, darlings, here it is! and it's just as good as the Original Recipe!  This is for my friends who live in rural areas and can't find or afford all of the flour ingredients in my Spectacular Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine.

Please go to the original post for all of the directions.  

Here are the new flour changes only.  Please go to this link and follow the directions carefully!

Print that recipe for your recipe and instructions and print this flour recipe for your new economical ingredient changes.

Looking for a Yeast and Gluten-Free Bread? Try my popular 20 minute Yeast-Free Rolls! 

Easy Economical Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine

Dry Ingredients:

Changes-  Use the original recipe and make only these changes

For your total 3 1/3 cups of Gluten Free flour- use the following instead

2 cups Gluten Free Bob's Redmill Brown Rice Flour
1/2 cup Gluten Free garbanzo bean flour or potato starch
1/2 cup Gluten Free Tapioca Starch/flour
1/3 cup Gluten Free Argo cornstarch

Everything else stays the same!!

That's it!   Just assemble your ingredients, put it all in the Bread Machine per the original recipe and before you know it you will have the best Gluten Free Bread you could ever imagine!!

Go forth and bake my friends and let me know how it turns out!!


  1. Quick question, can I use white rice flour instead brown rice flour?
    And how do I bake this bread in oven as I don't have bread machine?
    Please reply

    1. Hi, thanks for asking! No, sorry. White rice flour is primarily starch. You would end up with a gummy mess. I would recommend finely ground gluten free oats or any grain that has some texture. Look at my Spectacular Gluten Free Bread for instructions on how to bake in the oven. Way at the end of the post. Good luck!


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