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Brilliant Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons, GF, Sugarfree option

I love the sweet chewiness of a coconut macaroon but the sugar content in the commercial products was always too much for my tastes. Until I made these...They are divine and healthy! And guess what? they are super easy to make gluten free!

Thanksgiving and Christmas Gluten Free Dinner Recipes!

Another year gone bye and it was a really good one!
I'm loving my new life doing volunteer cooking for the Children's Home and working with Space Girl Organics. The people are awesome and the organic fruit and veggie perks are pretty great!
My big sister moved nearby this year and my grandson's family just bought a house in the area.  I have so much to be thankful for.
This year I will be cooking a small Holiday dinners for hubby and me, helping my sister with her first holiday dinner, and cooking big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the Children's Home! I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful week of cooking and family.
I'll be posting some new recipes in the next few days too.  A new awesome pie crust that turned out light and flaky and a new sweet potato dish.

Thanks so much for your support of my blog!  I appreciate all of you!

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Here's some new recipes that I'm making

Easy Cheesy Sweet Potato Skins

Ginger Honey Kale salad with pears, cranberries & walnuts

I already made Gluten Free Cornbread and a big loaf of my Spectacular Gluten Free Bread in the Bread Machine, chopped it up, tossed with olive oil, spices and baked the cubes for stuffing.

Mashed potatoes with a little roasted garlic and lots of butter.

Skillet Green Beans with bacon..yum

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato pies with my new, to die for, FLAKY  Gluten Free Pie Crust!

I roasted butternut, crookneck squashes, along with pumpkin to make my own pie filling.  It was so easy and the pies turned out better than any that I have ever tasted!

I adore this Pear Clafoutis and they are so easy to make, so I'll whip one up too.

I brine the turkeys and then lift the breast skin and stuff butter under, pull the skin back down and baste every 1/2 hour.

Gravy is a breeze.  Just use Gluten Free Sweet Rice Flour instead of regular flour.  I shake it in a small tupperware with some cold water before stirring into the drippings.  It works perfectly every time!

and of course the rolls in the picture above!  The are the best Gluten Free Dinner Rolls ever!

God bless

Looking back...
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year with friends and family, but when you're cooking gluten free it's a little more challenging and takes some really good recipes, organization and lists!

I'm a big list maker, I love checking everything off and it makes my life stress free.  Ok, maybe not totally stress free, but they help a lot!

This year I'm cooking for company and I'm really excited!  It's going to be so much fun to make a huge gluten free Thanksgiving dinner and know that I can enjoy it too.  I can't wait to have the house full of great people, great food, laughter and noise.  I am truly thankful for all that we have.

So today the turkey went into the fridge to start defrosting, recipes organized, grocery list done and I'm on the way.  Check, check and double check!

Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping and then find all my serving pieces, wash and polish if needed

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's what I'm making.  Cheers!


Spinach Artichoke Bean Dip


Orange, Beet & Avocado Salad


Turkey- Butterball


I will use my homemade Bread for the stuffing and my Cornbread


My  (see pic above)  favorite Dinner Rolls!

Super delicious Masa Cornbread


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Low Carb Mashed Cauliflower

Roasted Brussel Sprouts 

Creamed Onions


Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pie with a  Low Carb pie crust


For more recipes, hop on over to see Iris's list at The Daily Dietribe. She has an awesome collection of  Thanksgiving recipes, plus she added my Easy Cheesy Sweet Potato Skins to her list!   50+ Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes!