Chocolate Almond Tart, gluten free

Like a cross between a chocolate tart and a pecan pie.  This decadent tart got raves reviews from my grandson and family recently. It's soft and gooey when warm and awesome the next day cold.  I adore the flaky low carb crust. This is perfect for taking to a brunch or holiday!
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Ali's Paleo Cauliflower "pasta" Primavera, gluten free

Hubby is out tonight with the boys and I'm making dinner for just me. My first love is pasta but I'm off carbs for awhile. So going through my veggie drawer I started thinking that maybe adding cauliflower might give this dish the "al dente" texture that I crave. It even looks like pasta and when you coat it in the sauce and Parmesan it takes on all the flavors. Organic veggies are the best.  I get mine from Space Girl Organics.  I feel like I just had a big plate of pasta!  hashtag happiness
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Oatmeal Coconut Cookie Pie, gluten free, sugar free, low fat/carbs

This scrumptious pie tastes like a big healthy and moist oatmeal coconut cookie!  Nice enough to serve for a fancy desert and easy enough to make for a fast breakfast. You can't beat that! 
The crust is a revelation. It's not flaky but more of a cookie as well. So this is a cookie in a cookie pretending to be a pie...
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